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functional-gages_master-geaFunctional Gages – Master Gears

Pentagear offers a variety of Spur and Helical Master Gears and Master Worms for the purpose of composite gear roll testing and/or to serve as inspection machine calibration artifacts. Master Gears can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific application requirements or Pentagear can provide standard master gears up to and including ISO/DIN Q3, AGMA 2015-A3, and JIS quality standards. All Pentagear Master Gears are designed, manufactured, and supplied, complete with inspection certificates, to meet your specific application requirements.

To verify our inspection system accuracy, we maintain gear artifacts which have direct traceability with the NIST–Y12 US standards laboratory.

 Please provide our product specialists with your part drawings and project delivery requirements and we will develop a quotation to meet your needs.

For price, delivery and order information please contact us .