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contract-inspection-overvieMetrology Services – Contract Inspection

Pentagear’s Contract Gear Inspection Services are performed on our Next Dimension® ND300Gear Measurement System. The ND300 is designed to measure elemental gear attributes such as Index, Pitch Variation, Helix (lead), Involute Profile, Tooth Thickness, Surface Finish, and Pitchline Run-out.

The Next Dimension® Gear Measurement Systems are also able to measure many different types of related geometric features with respect to your gears such as perpendicularity, roundness, flatness, keyway position…etc.

Unique offerings of the ND300 and PECo Contract Gear Inspection Services include the ability to:

  • Measure Actual Tooth Thickness
  • Measure Fine Pitch Gears up to 120 DP
  • Measure Plastic and Powder Metal Gears
  • Measure Surface Finish in both the profile and helix (lead)
  • Measure Unknown Gears for Reverse Engineering
  • Measure a gear and/or related features in relation to functional datums and/or compare measurements to manufacturing datums
  • Use “Compare Software” on the output – e.g. to compare measurements before & after heat treatment

The Pentagear Advantage:

  • High precision inspection results available usually within the same week; expedited service of 1-2 days available upon request. Inspection reports e-mailed to you the same day your gear / spline is measured. Knowledgeable & dedicated inspection staff to assist with results interpretation
  • Detailed “Conclusions” reporting is available at an additional charge to aid in troubleshooting a potential manufacturing problem. A PECo Gear Specialist will review the inspection reports and provide a more detailed analysis of the errors and, if possible, offer a potential solution.
  • Pentagear gear inspection machines are traceable directly to a NIST certified gear artifact.

Inspection Output:

The Next Dimension Gear® Inspection System will generate an inspection report for each gear / spline analyzed. If desired, your output can be analyzed to a user-defined tolerance or any of the following industry standards: AGMA, ISO, DIN, JIS, CAT, ANSI. When a tolerance is not specified on the part print, PECo will default to the AGMA standard unless otherwise specified. These inspection reports are stored as electronic files that can be printed, e-mailed, and/or archived on a computer or network for document sharing or future retrieval.


Pentagear Gear / Spline Contract Inspection Services are available for plastic and metal:

Spur Gears
Helical Gears
Worm Shafts
Unknown Gears
Root Scan
Shaper Cutters
Shave Cutters
Other Rotary Components

Pentagear’s experience includes gear and/or spline inspection services for the following industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Construction Equipment, Consumer Products, Electrical, Flexible Packaging, Food Processing, Heavy Equipment, Machine Tool, Mining, Printing, Pulp & Paper, Steel Processing.