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Pentagear has the expertise to assist you with your certification needs. Our state of the art laboratory is environmentally equipped to assure your gages meet the highest standard of accuracy and reliability. Pentagear has an inclusive checklist of procedures, standards and specifications that are followed in order to assure that your gages are calibrated to meet specified class and designation.

We exhibit complete attention to detail for every gage; making sure that each calibration is performed with accuracy and precision. All gages are cleaned, inspected for damage and stabilized at 20°C before calibration begins.

Gages are entered into our Next Dimension ND300 Gear Measurement system with proper description, sizes and classification. In addition, fixtures and functional gages become a part of our permanent database so that all ensuing calibrations are accurate to your specifications.

Upon return of the gages, you will receive a certificate of calibration for every instrument ID number along with long form readings. Every certificate of calibration issued by PECo meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. All calibrations are performed using standards traceable to the NIST.