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vgm-224x300-2The Next Dimension series of gear measurement systems includes the latest in gear technology, the Vertical Gear Measurement System (VGM). Pentagear has teamed up with the Italian manufactured COORD3 bridge style CMM to bring you a hybrid CMM/Gear Checker. :

VGM Features and Characteristics

  • Ultra rigid alloy CMM platform provides maximum scanning stiffness.
  • Silicon Carbide Z axis column enhancing further CMM stiffness.
  • Rapid thermal diffusion by CMM frame as environment conditions change.
  • Dynamic thermal compensation system including part sensor.
  • FEA designed bridge extrusion provides optimum moment of inertia and minimum deflection when operating at high accelerations.
  • One piece granite base with integral Y dovetail guide-way improves repeatability and accuracy.
  • M8 threaded table inserts on 300x300mm grid.
  • Rigid air bearings to all axes with wide bearing spread ratios.
  • Pneumatic Z axis counter balance.