Single Flank Inspection

The UHT 800 is a machine for testing tooth contact and mounting distances for Bevel and hypoid bevel gear sets up to a maximum gear diameter of 800mm When swiveling the driving tailstock on the sliding base, shaft angles between the two spindles can be setup from 45 to 180 degrees
Both horizontal motions for the sliding base and the pinion carriage are controlled by CNC. the other setup axes are manually. the load (torgue) on the driving spindle is carried out through and electrical-hydraulic system and mechanical lever to control the torque of the hydraulic motor.
the horizontal ways of the bed and the sliding base and the pinion carriage are V-type and clamped by hydraulic system to guarantee accuracy and stiffness in control position. in standard version the main motor for the driving (pinion spindle is a 3-phase and dual speed motor, with 1000 and 500 rpm. Frequency converter for step-less variable spindle is available is option.


Technical Data UHT 800

Maximum Gear Diameter 800mm
Shaft angle between the 2 spindles 45 to 180 degrees
Distance from face of Pinion spindle to machine center 210 to 570mm
Distance from face of gear spindle to machine center 0 to 500mm
Driving head stock horizontal movement with machine center Forward 60mm
  Backward 180mm
Maximum hypoid offset +/-115mm
Diameter of bore pinion and gear spindle at the large end 153mm
Taper of pinion and gear spindle 1:20
Spindle speed pinion head stock (option: step-less variable) 1000/500rpm
Power of main motor (option: frequency converter) 8,0/6,5kW
Floor space L x W x H 3.600 x 2.600 x 2.000 mm
Net Weight 11.000kg
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